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Business Owners

We offer a streamlined process for business owners seeking strategic solutions in the form of capital. We recognize importance of making sure the business owner is satisfied with both the process and the end result. These situations often involve partnerships or families with strong emotional ties to their businesses. We pride ourselves on representing the views of both investors and sellers.


Eligible investors include qualified buyers of companies and assets with a significant investment history and a compelling investment strategy. You will receive opportunities that are well-suited to your firm’s strengths, value creation thesis, and investment criteria.

What We Do

We recognized the need to bridge the growing gap between investors and business owners. CapitalSphere is the solution that provides market participants with a secure, private exchange for M&A opportunities and various financial transactions.

Majority Equity

A type of transaction that secures a partnership between a company and private equity firm by placing a majority of the company’s equity with the investor. The company owner may still maintain operational control of the business, with the benefit of being able to take some chips off the table....

Minority Equity

A type of transaction that is made in order for an investor to acquire a minority stake of equity in a company. This type of deal is usually reserved for larger businesses, and creates a way that the owner can realize gains through the sale, while still having ownership of the company....

Growth Equity

Growth equity refers to an investment made by a private equity firm, so that the company may use the newly available capital in order to “grow.” This can mean the ability to expand operations, enter new markets, restructure, invest in R&D, invest in new product development, or another strategy that allows the business to expand....


This term refers to a company that can be “added on” to a platform company already owned by a private equity firm. A strategic buyer may also pursue this type of strategy when they are looking to invest through consolidation....

Mezzanine Debt

This type of debt is considered a hybrid of debt and equity financing. When this option is used, it gives the lender the right to convert the debt into an ownership or equity interest, in case the company defaults....


Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a contribution plan designed to ensure that the employees of a company receive benefits, through the availability of owning stock in the business that they are a part of....


A buyout refers to a transaction that involves the sale of 100% of the company....


A private equity fund can provide resources to capitalize on market opportunities through organic investments, strategic acquisitions, and international expansion, while keeping ownership and operating control with the owners of the company....

Corporate Carve-out

A corporate carve-out refers to the divestiture or sale of a business division or a part of the business that usually doesn’t include core operations....

Family Succession Planning

With a private equity firm, a business may transition ownership to the next generation in a customized and tax efficient manner, all while maintaining equity and operational control of the business....

Is CapitalSphere a good fit for you?

  • You are interested in rounding out your perspective on capital partners
  • You are actively seeking value added growth partners
  • A generational transition is in your future and you want to preserve your legacy.
  • Your business is considering in-organic growth through acquisitions.
  • Corporate strategic acquirers would be an ideal exit for your business.

  • You are looking to fill your pipeline with fully qualified vetted opportunities
  • Buy-side deal flow would be a valuable resource to your investment strategy
  • You would value a partner who can offer strategic recommendations that fit your acquisition criteria
  • The firm or company you work for wants to explore thesis driven campaigns
  • You are interested in leveraging our more than 40 years of experience in research and analytics

CapitalSphere Features

Whether industry, sub-vertical or regional driven, CapitalSphere uses proprietary technology to match you with the right deals every time.

Online profiles that include accurate financial, industry, customer, and other key qualification points.

We have covered hundreds of sub-vertical industries since our inception. CapitalSphere allows you to search companies by industry if your investment strategy is generalist or very specific.

Our Skills

Unlike online M&A exchanges, CapitalSphere’s unique technology delivers proprietary deal flow outside the auction environment. This technology was developed in-house by our team of M&A professionals in collaboration with MIT engineers who specialize in artificial intelligence. We are discreet and efficient in connecting business owners with investors in a way that is non-invasive and avoids the costly and lengthy auction process.

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    CapitalSphere categorizes deals by industry sub-vertical. Below are the over-arching verticals that we cover, but we will show you deals by the small niche of the market that they fall into.
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